Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Gabriel

So if you have followed us from over on then you know that Chris and I are expecting a new little bundle very soon... That's where the three comes in. Mr Gabriel Alexander Lee. Our first little boy!
We conceived him shortly after our precious Olivia went to heaven. We knew we wanted more children and that the both of us had FAR to MUCH LOVE to not have a family. (i guess we just didn't realize that it would happen again for us so soon) but i guess things always happen for a reason.

well here are some pictures of the little RAINBOW bean and my pregnancy journey....

July 13th... yep that says pregnant!
the first ultra sound! its a little bean!
from our NT scan! got great results so far everything looks great and baby is going nice and healthy! no chance of Downs or T18. mommy and daddy are thrilled to say the least.
About 17 weeks or so here. my belly has grown fast and sitting here I realize that it has no intentions of slowing down. There is a big boy in there!
The "ITS A BOY"  picture!
the lovely baby bump!
Our amazingly BEAUTIFUL little man. such a DOLL! 
isn't it so cool how well you can make out their little facial features before they have even came out!

Almost done baking!!! 

So yeah there are a FEW pics of our journey so far... i really wish that i could say that i have had a very smooth and happy pregnancy but HONESTLY that would be lying ... it has been rough and not fun but we are almost done and i cannot wait to meet the little man causing all the problems in there. We have had BP issues sense 11 weeks, countless colds, the flu, SHINGLES, and fluid over load from the get go. This momma is tired! I know that once he is out that it wont matter anymore though . 

hope you enjoyed getting to catch up with Mr Gabriel and soon i shall be posting a birth story and cute little pics of the man himself! YAY! 

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