Sunday, February 19, 2012

9 months.

Well I am 9 months and the anxiety of birth and is this it? questions and fears are in full swing. Ive been home alone sense Friday really and honestly its a little scary knowing that if something happens then there will be a scramble of "shit now what???"
on Friday i spent the night in L&D, i went in because my blood pressure was high and i also lost a chunk of plug- EWW! . so they got me into a room and checked me and thats when i found out i am dilated 1cm and i was having pretty regular contractions. these ones appeared different and very normal on the strip so they had me stay. they gave me a percocet to relax and the contractions settled out and became less and less. Chris came and slept in a chair next to me. and although his head was some where else it was nice to be able to reach out and touch his arm.
the doctor caring for me was able to put me on the schedule for induction so that i dont have to worry about that so mark your calenders MARCH 13TH 2012 if i have not gone into labor on my own and i stay healthy then i will be having a baby then.

well thats all for now but I am ready to have my little man here to focus on.

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