Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gabriel Alexander Lee has safely arrived!

On March 12th 2012 chris and I went to my last Ob appointment and everything looked great. i was having regular contractions and they where uncomfortable but nothing i couldnt handle. so we hung out most the day got chipotle and cupcakes "the last meal" :)

All day i was battling a bad headache and my body was achy, all i could think was crap please tell me i am not sick! so i layed in bed from about 3pm to 9 trying to sleep and feel better. That wasnt happening so i told chris to take me to L&D to see if they could give me something to take the edge off seeing that i NEEDED sleep for the days to come.
I checked in to L&D and thats when the fun began!!! they decided to admit me and start the induction!!!

At 11:40 pm they gave me a half of a pill they called miso and by 3 am i was having regular strong contractions that where helping me progress yay! so they held back to see what would happen. At 6am they checked me and i was at 2cm i was thinning but not much more so they gave me some more miso and let me hang out some more.
At 11 am on the 23rd they decided to start the pitocin! <------ OWWWWW! they slowly bumped it up and it was getting the contractions to come hard and fast (yay!) i thought for sure that they where doing something good! boy was i wrong. With every contraction Gabriels heart rate would dip and to be honest it was scary so they told me that i HAD to lay in bed. Oh well i was tired anyways. So at 2 they checked me and i was still at a 2 , 2 1/2 at best ... DARN IT!
Thats when i decided that i was going to get an epidural. I knew that if i didnt get relief and this labor dragged out as long as Olivias that i would not get any sleep at all. so they placed the epi and i settled in and relaxed.
this was at 230ish pm. At 10 til 3 nikki decided to take a shower and relax. chris layed in the window bed and i snuggled my owl and tried to fall asleep. Around 3pm i felt what i thought was a kick or a punch and then a HUGE GUSH!

LOL ...

the nurse came in and checked and sure enough it was my water and it was clear! yay.
then the doctor came in to check my cervix i was all the way dialated! in less than an hour i went from a 2 to fully dilated and effaced! DAMN!

they gave me the choice to hang out or to push and i said "i want this boy out!!!"
they had me "practice" push and sure enough just like olivia i was still a great pusher! his head came down. i was ready to get him out! and getting him out is what i did!

at 417pm i gave birth to a beautiful 8lb 6oz baby boy!

we are all doing great and are home taking in every minute of it!

we are so thankful and proud <3


  1. Congrats! So happy for you guys! He is such a cutie!!!! :)

  2. So happy for you all! He simply looks precious!